... to MIC 2024 Supporting Journals?


After the conference, authors will be invited to submit their full papers either to MIC 2024 supporting journals or MIC 2024 Conference Proceedings.

Authors, who wish their full paper to be considered for publication in the MIC 2024 supporting journals, should send their final full paper to mic@fm-kp.si.

When submitting the final full paper, the following information should be provided:

  • title of the paper,
  • authors of the paper and their affiliations,
  • target journal.

The deadline for full paper submission for MIC supporting journals is 15 July 2024.

The list of supporting journals is available here. 


We do not guarantee the publication of your paper in the supporting journal. If your paper will be rejected by the journal's double-blind review process, you should send it to the double-blind review process for publishing in the MIC 2024 Conference Proceedings.


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