Structure of Industry in the North-western Counties of Romania

Ferenc Szilágyi and Szilárd Podruzsik

Keywords: industry, north-western Romania, financial performance

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Enter the Editor: Assessing Editorial Decisions’ Impact in Double Blind and Open Review Systems Via Evolutionary Game Logit-Simulations

Mantas Radzvilas, Francesco De Pretis, William Peden, and Daniele Tortoli

Keywords: agent based modelling, double-blind peer review, evolutionary game theory, open review, replication crisis, simulation

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AIMED - Aiming to Educate by Promoting the Academic Dimension of Erasmus+

Armand Faganel and Igor Rižnar

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University Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Comparative Analysis

Doris Gomezelj Omerzel, Tina Bratkovič Kregar, and Jana Hojnik

Keywords: entrepreneurship, motivational factors, entrepreneurial environment, barriers, entrepreneurial intention, students

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Stress and Stress-Related Outcomes Among Employees in the Star Vital Project

Ana Arzenšek and Matija Vodopivec

Keywords: stress, work related stress, Star vital project, older workers, occupational health

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Empirical Conceptualization of Sustainability Indicators for the Yachting Industry

Jana Hojnik and Roberto Biloslavo

Keywords: sustainability indicator, yachting industry, yacht-related manufacturing industry, yacht-related service sector, yacht-related maritime infrastructure, small and medium enterprises

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Teaching with Brain in Mind – Why Flipboard Matters?

 Igor Rižnar and Armand Faganel

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