Connecting to Zoom

In order to participate in the MIC 2020 we will use the ZOOM online audio-video conferencing platform, provided by the University of Primorska.

Steps for installing and configuring Zoom:
  1. Download the ZOOM software ( on the device which you will use for the video conference (WindowsmacOSAndroid or iOS)
  2. Test the internet connection and the audio system (microphone + headphones / speakers) and video (webcam). You can click here to test a Zoom conference meeting.  
Steps for the video conference:
  1. Access the video conferencing link, which you will find in each Session ("Join at ZOOMx" - click the link button) in the detailed conference programme ( This will open the already installed application.
  2. Enter the conference room 5 minutes before the start of the Session.
Participating at the virtual conference
  1.  Upon entering the ZOOM platform, please write your full name (first name, last name) and the institution you represent (instructions are available here).
  2. Keep the microphone turned off when you are not speaking, since background noise can be very distracting (see the instructions here). 
  3. It is preferred to have your video camera on, especially when you speak. If your internet connection is not good, you can switch the video off and just leave your profile image.
  4. When presenting your paper, please share your presentation using the "share screen" option (more details on how to share schree is in this short tutorial).
  5. In order to talk with the session chair and other speakers try using the chat (find instructions here). You can also ask questions, however, it is advised to raise your hand.
  6. During a zoom conference, you can give more non-verbal feedback – by raising your hand to ask for permission to speak, or by answering yes / no, etc. To see where you can access them, look at the explanatory images here
  7. To hide the background behind you and give a more formal note to your online presentation, you can use the Zoom Virtual Background option (instructions available here). You can find the official MIC 2020  Virtual Background image here.
  8. It is not allowed to photo or record sessions or other conference events.

More tutorials and Q&A about ZOOM are available here.

MIC 2020 Helpdesk

Throughout the conference, the MIC 2020 Organizing Staff will be available for your questions at ZOOM.

To join our Helpdesk follow the ZOOM link: (Meeting ID: 831 8529 3106).



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