Ljubljana is located at the intersection of the main Slovenian traffic routes. 

A vignette is required when using Slovenian highways (http://www.dars.si/Dokumenti/Dokumenti/Toll/Vignette_308.aspx). A weekly vignette costs 15 EUR.


Parking at the conference venue:

Underground Hotel Garage is located on the opposite side of the main Hotel entrance, on Tavčarjeva street. Cost of parking is 18 €/day and due to a limited number of parking spots, we advise prior reservation.
Access to the Hotel Garage (arriving from Dalmatinova or Komenskega street):  enter Tavčarjeva ulica 10 [GPS coordinates 46°03'15.5"N 14°30'28.2"E or 46.054316N, 14.507827E, link: https://goo.gl/maps/6fZqPxMXKan]

Traffic information and assistance:

The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads collects and provides information on traffic and road conditions in Slovenia.
More information: 
T: 1970 or +386 (0)1 518 85 18 
Website: Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads


AMZS, the Slovenian national automobile association, provides roadside assistance, car towing services and car repair services 24 hours, seven days a week.
More information:
T: +386 (0)1 530 53 00
Website: AMZS

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