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Dear MIC 2017 Participants,


we would like to give you some additional information regarding the MIC 2017 Conference that is approaching fast.  

Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts

At the MIC 2017 conference webpage you can also find the latest Programme in Brief and overview of Sessions’ Timetable.

The MIC 2017 Book of Abstracts will be available in the electronic version and will be available here a day before the conference.


Paper Presenters please note:

Each session room will be equipped with computer projector. Each paper presenter needs to prepare his/her own Power Point or PDF file and bring it in the USB key to the conference meeting room 10 minutes before the session begins.

Each session contains 4 - 6 papers with 90 or 120 minutes totally, and each paper presentation takes approx. 12 minutes at most. The remaining time is for session discussions.


Poster Presenter please note:

The poster session will be held in the Conference Lobby.

When preparing the poster please take into the account the following:

  • Dimension – The dimension of the board is 100 x 120 cm (the maximum dimension of the poster should be 90 x 110 cm).
  • Display – Glue pads and push pins will be supplied.  You may arrange your display any way you like using these constraints – one large sheet or several smaller ones.
  • Coverage – We recommend that your poster be self-explanatory and clear. Place on the poster only your major points.



We have prepared for you two Workshops and Editors’ Panel with eight visiting editors.


On-site Registration Prior to the Conference:

The registration desk will be open for registration on Wednesday, May 24, from 18.00 till 20.00, on Thursday, May 25, from 8:30 till 17:30, and on Friday, May 26, from 8.30 till 15:00.


How to reach Monastier di Treviso?

Information regarding how to reach Monastier di Treviso are available at this siteA detailed travel information how to reach the conference site are available for those arriving by planeby car or by train.

Please note if traveling to Italy by plane:

From the 10th to the 30th of May, Italy reintroduces border controls also for countries belonging to the Schengen area. Thus we remind all the participants to always fly with a valid ID. Since the border controls could be longer than usual, we suggest you arrive to the airport well in advance and do the online check-in.
Local Weather:
The daily updated weather forecast for Monastier di Treviso is available here. We are expecting sunny skies and up to 28 degrees Celsius.


Web site:

We regularly update our website with new information (http://www.mic.fm-kp.si/). For any additional information please contact us at mic@fm-kp.si.


We wish you a safe journey and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Kind regards,

MIC 2017 Organizing Committee

MIC 2017 ǀ 24-27 May 2017 ǀ Monastier di Treviso (Venice), Italy
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Sessions are scheduled to last 90 or 120 minutes with 4–6 presentation each (please check the programme). The time allotted to your session should include adequate time for introductory remarks, paper presentation, and audience participation. Some sessions will have fewer presentations and more time for each presentation, but we are sure it will be easier to expand than to shorten the paper presentation.
In addition to introducing the participants, we kindly ask you to:
• keep record of presented paper and number of participants attending the session,
• assure that the time schedule is maintained.
Please be advised that MIC provides computer projection facilities for PowerPoint and PDF presentation for each session.
The date, time, papers, name of participants are available in Sessions’ Timetable at http://www.mic.fm-kp.si/programme/sessions_timetable.
By Tuesday the online MIC 2017 Book of Abstracts will be published at http://www.mic.fm-kp.si/publication/book_of_abstracts, where abstracts of all papers presented In your session will be available.




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