The conference will be carried out in six programme tracks:

Special theme of the conference: Challenges in the Digital Economy
  • The Prospects of the Digital Economy
  • Implementation of Digital Agendas accross Countries
  • Economic Growth, Productivity and Competitivness in the Era of Digital Economy
  • Management and Digital Economy
  • Digital Economy and New Business Models
  • Innovation in the Digital Economy
  • Employment and Labour Markets in the Digital Economy
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Workers in the Digital Era
  • Digital Economy and Development of Societies
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Digital Economy
  • Tax Issues in the Digital Economy
  • Digital Public Services
  • Big Data and Safety Issues
  • other issues related to digital economy
Management Track (traditional MIC - Management International Conference), organised by the Faculty of Management    
  • Business Administration, Organization, Marketing, Information Management Systems, Decision Making
  • Economic, Financial and Legal Issues in Management 
  • Enterprise Development, Small Business, Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Based Society
  • Innovation Management, Technology Management, Quality Management
  • International Trade and Globalisation
  • Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics
  • Social Issues in Management, Social Networking, Social Media 
  • other themes related to Management
Economics Track, organized by the Association for the Study of East European Economies and Cultures
  • Behaviour of Economic Agents
  • BRIC Countries
  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Industrial Organisation, Market Structure
  • International Economics
  • Labour and Demographic Economics
  • Macroeconomic Policies, Monetary Policy
  • Middle-Income Trap for Transition (and other) Economies
  • Public Economics, Welfare
  • Transport Economics
  • Agricultural Economics
  • other themes in Economics
Finance Track, organized by the Society for the Study of Emerging Markets - SSEM
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Corporative Finance and Governance
  • Financial Crises and Their Impact
  • Financial Institutions and Services
  • Financial Markets
  • Fiscal Policies
  • International Finance
  • Money and Banking
  • other themes in Finance
Tourism Track, organized by the Faculty of Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković"
  • National and Regional Tourism Policy
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Education
  • Tourism and Economic Development
  • Tourism Demand Modelling and Forecasting
  • other themes in Tourism
Energy Track, organized by the Moscow School of Economics, Moscow State University

A) Modelling, Simulation and Forecasting of Energy and Carbon Markets

  • Day-ahead Markets
  • Carbon Markets
  • Futures, Forward and other Derivative Markets
  • Electricity Market Modelling and Simulation
  • Agent-Based Simulation of Energy Markets
  • Econometric Models applied to Energy and Carbon Markets
  • Risk Management in Energy Markets
  • Technical and Economic Modelling of Energy Markets
  • Life-Cycle Analysis of Energy Technologies and Storage
  • Economic Analysis of Energy Prices
  • Investment Analysis
  • Real Option Analysis of Investment and Financing of Renewable Energy Projects

B) Present and Future of Oil, Gas and Coal Markets

  • Long Term Scenarios for Oil, Natural Gas and Coal Commodity Markets
  • Economical and Environmental Impact of Unconventional Gas and Oil
  • Carbon Market Regulation and Impact on the Electricity Market
  • Liberalization and Regulation of the European Gas Market

C) Present and Future of Nuclear Energy

  • Prospects for Nuclear Energy
  • Thorium-Based Nuclear Power
  • Cost of New Nuclear Safety Requirements
  • Cost of Nuclear Plant Decommissioning
Scholars in other disciplines offering new perspectives on the conference theme are also encouraged to participate. 

MIC 2018